Weblogic Tips & Tricks

  1. How many time, you would have seen that when you use any terminal window (like Putty) to connect to Unix/Linux/Solaries when you start Weblogic from command prompt and when you close your terminal it also stop your weblogic server.
    To avoid this simply run the following command which will run the weblogic at the Server despite command is run on terminal
    nohup startWeblogic &
    Here, nohup is command responsible for running the weblogic at server. & allows to run the process in background.
  2. Exception - java.lang.classcastexception: com.octetstring.vde.backend.BackendRoot cannot be cast to com.octetstring.vde.backend.standard.BackendStandard
    This exception occurred while starting the Weblogic Server and does not allow starting the server.
    If Weblogic Server is started as root, then it changes the owner of many files as root, causing above exception
    Execute the following command:
    chown -R <owner> <weblogic home>
    chown -R oracle.oragid /opt/oracle/Middleware/wlserver_10.3
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