How to change the Weblogic Admin User password if you dont know the current password

Though it is rare but it could happen that you may forget the Weblogic Admin user password. In such a case, you can use the following steps to reset the Weblogic Admin user password.

  1. Shut down the Weblogic domain/instance
  2. Take the back up of the data directory
    mv {Domain_Home}/servers/{server name}/data {Domain_Home}/servers/{server name}/data.bak
  3. Execute
    cd {Domain_Home}/bin
  4. move to security directory
    cd {domain_home}/security
  5. Execute the following command (period "." at the end is required):
    java {admin user} {password} .
  6. Go to following directory:
    cd {domain_home}/servers/AdminServer/security
  7. Edit the file and update the new password (Applicable to all the servers in the domain). Type the password you just entered in human readble form. Weblogic will encrypt it.
  8. Start Weblogic Server (Weblogic Server will encrypt the password for you)
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