Weblogic autodeploy issue

Have you ever faced issue that changes copied to weblogic application server autodeploy directory does not reflecting on application, if it is. It could be
because of any of the following reasons.
  1. Your Weblogic or Integrated Weblogic application server is running on Production mode.
  2. You have deployed the code, while Weblogic application server was stopped seems pretty funny?
  3. Your application server cache is creating problem.
  1. For first issue, you need to run the application in development mode. Sometime, it also happens that after changing the mode from Production to Development mode, changes are not getting reflected. Moreover, you can change the mode from Development to Production using Admin Console but you can’t do vice versa through Admin console. You can use one of the following options to run the Weblogic app server to development mode again.
    • Change the production-mode-enabled tag value to true in config.xml
    • You can also specify the development mode in setDomainEnv.cmd or setDomainEnv.sh
  2. EAR should be copied in exploded format in autodeploy directory while app server is in running state.
  3. Clear the weblogic app server cache by deleting the content of following directory after stopping the server
    • <WEBLOGIC_HOME>\user_projects\domains\<DOMAIN>\servers\<SERVER>\tmp If you want you can first try by deleting only WL_USER directory contents.
    • You can also look into Config directory and remove any files/directories related with failed deployed application.
    • in 8x version remove the .wldonotdelete directory.
If your problem still persists after trying all the options mentioned above, please let me know.

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Updated: 25-Jul-2012
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