Why do you like Google?

Google a platform bouquet of products, used by most of the internet users. What makes Google, different from the other tech giants. I may not discuss that it offers so many services,  and blah blah... But certainly I will discuss the 5 top most edges offered by it.
  1. Google search algorithm is Google heart. Do you have any other alternative?
  2. It offers most simplest UI (user interface). I know when I was learning computers, how easy Windows OS was as compared to Linux, because of user interface.
  3. Evolves with Technology and innovation. Have you tried or read about Google Glass?
  4. Scraps, that does not work. Moves on with new innovation. To keep its focus, trashes out unpopular products.
  5. Understands the common man problem and offers products and services accordingly..Have you attended Power Searching with Google course?

What makes hurdles on the way...
  1. New breed of innovation and offering by competitors are better.
  2. Has to depend on inorganic growth.
  3. Movement of champ members outside google.
Google+ is the latest offering which is making buzz. 20 reasons to switch to Google+ from infographic lab well illustrates why it is creating the buzz.

Please do share your thoughts. Where you will see Google after 5 years?

Last updated: 25-Jul-2012
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