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It is always fascinating when your peer/friend/relative find something in google search but you miss because searching is an art based on keywords and few other things. If you want to be more competent and more powerful searcher, then Google has launched an online course 'Power Searching with Google' for you.
Power Search with Google Sample Certificate

Daniel Russell (Senior Research Scientist, Google, Inc) is the person, who has taken these online classes, and taught in excellent manner.

Registration had opened on 26-Jun-2012 and closed on  16-Jul-2012. Sorry guest! if your missed it. Classes had commenced from 10-Jul-12 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and continued till 19-Jul-12. Course-related activities will end on 23-Jul-12.

There is pre-class assessment, before you start with your first class. Then after 3rd class there is mid-term assessment that is ended on July 17 7:59 pm PT (extended one). Final assessment, you can attempt after finishing class 6.

Class 1 - Introduction was good and consisting of the following lessons-
  1. Introduction
  2. Filter image results by color
  3. how search works
  4. The art of keyword choice
  5. Word order matters
  6. Finding test on a web page.
Class 2 - Interpreting Results: I found this class pretty interesting. It makes you feel that how this course is going to help you and make you powerful, a powerful searcher. Following topics/lessons were discussed in class 2:
  1. When search results suggest something new
  2. Thinking more deeply about your search
  3. Understand options for different media
  4. Reading the search engine results page (SERP)
  5. Different kinds of content
Class 3 - Advance Techniques: Among first three, it was the best class. Following operators were demonstrated - minus, OR, quotes, site, filetype and intext. intext and filetype were new to me. Earlier, plus (+) operator was working, but now it is replaced by the intext operator. Love this class.
  1. Web Organization
  2. Filetype
  3. Removing Invasive Results
  4. OR and Quotes
  5. Intext and advance search
Class 4 - Find facts faster: Another interesting class, best part of the class were Lesson 2 and Lesson 3 where I learned about the Google Search Features and conversion; though I was aware of few of these, but loved the feature section.
  1. Search by Image
  2. Search Features
  3. Conversions and Calculator
  4. Left Hand Panel and Date Range Limiting
  5. Translation and search
Class 5 - Checking your facts: Google returns search results based on its search algorithm. This chapter emphasized to use the other sources to reconfirm the facts retrieved from Google Search results.
  1. Credibility
  2. Variant
  3. Using books to verify the quote
  4. Using WHOIS and other Site Information
  5. Occasional Misconception
Class 6 - Putting it all together:This class summarized about past lessons, you learned till now and demonstrated how you can make use of multiple operator and features, combining methods and approaches.
  1. Combining methods
  2. Think Broadly
  3. Summary
  1. List of file types Google indexes.
  2. Google Search Features
  3. Inside Search Blog 
  4. A google a day
  5. Google Alert

Class is now closed. On sad note, now you won't earn the certificate. But, the good news is, classes videos and online activities are available from 25-July-12.

Last updated: 25-Jul-2012
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