Book Review: Mastering Microservices with Java

Though micro services concept is not new, it has created a huge buzz in recent year. It is difficult to buy a book that explains micro services and implementation in Java in a easy way. I recently, came across this book titled "Mastering Microservices with Java" by Sourabh Sharma from Packt Publishing, and found it very informative and practical. Let me share you, how it helped me.

Book is having good content for anyone starting the micro services development with a good link to technologies. Micro services concepts are elaborated in very easy language. After reading the first chapter you get the confidence that it is not a big deal you can easily become champ in this new domain. Chapter 2 is just elaborate on the environment setup that you can skip if you are pro. Third chapter discuss domain driven design in precise manner with a sample application that makes you think in domain language and it also provides the working implementation of sample project designed using Domain Driven Design.

Chapter four and five implement the sample application in micro services that elaborates the whole concept and give you an idea how it is different from the legacy monolithic architecture. I found it to be good that elaborates the few principals of API gateway, Load balancing, Edge/Proxy Server, fault tolerant, service discover and registration etc using the Spring Cloud.

Chapter six awesome that discuss whole lots of security stuff and give you best tutorial to understand the OAuth 2.0 concepts a real treat if you are crazy about security concepts. Chapter 7 talks about the web app development and how it consumes the services. Earlier, I was puzzled why it is required as a hard core java developer, but later on realize this is the way modern system are being designed and it gives you very handy information.

Chapter eight and nine talk about concepts, technology, good practices and troubleshooting and related information, which is very difficult to find and articulated in easy language.

Book has used following technologies: Spring Boot/Cloud, AnugularJS, Spring Security/OAuth2, Maven, Docker etc.

  • Easy to read and understand
  • Use of Spring Cloud
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Security and OAuth 2
  • Patterns that is used by Netflix OSS
  • UI integration with Microservices explained without OAuth 2. Anyway that can be implemented by experienced programmer.

Overall, I like this book and would recommend a strong buy. For me it is 4.5 on 5. You can find this book on Amazon.

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