How Newsgrape can help you to enjoy your time?

As a reader many times, you might have thought of having a single platform to have all news/stories, you are interested in. Similarly, if you are a blogger/publisher, it makes sense to have a platform that can promote your content. I am going to share how Newsgrape solves readers and bloggers problems.
Rackspace's Robert Scoble posted about the Newsgrape. He compared it with Youtube by quoting "A new community that helps your content get noticed. It's sort of like how YouTube helps you get found in search, and in related videos." I immediately decided to explore it. I signed up. You know what, I agree with him.

Let me share what Newsgrape offers you:
  1. Registration is pretty simple - You can use your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ ID or Newsgrape itself.
  2. After registration, you can select your interests.
  3. You can see the news feed of the selected interests. You can also explore top news.
  4. You can put comments, share or mark favorite or write an article in response to the news.
  5. You can write your own article on Newsgrape or can integrate your wordpress blog to show your work on Newsgrape. They are coming up with other blog platform integration like Tumblr/Blogger etc.
  6. So more or less it works as a single window for your news reading and publishing. It also allows you to follow or interact with other Newsgrape users through comments, messages and communities.
Icing on the cake, when I received the personalized welcome email from Newsgrape's Lukas with his attached photograph showing "Hi dotShell". It really impressed me! Thank you Lukas and Newsgrape!

I would suggest you to give a shot and enjoy the time at I would love to hear back from you.
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