Google Surprise - Easter Eggs and X'mas

Google has launched so many interesting and fun tricks, and other links that you can use to enjoying your time.
  • Search "let it snow" on Google, snow flakes will falling from the top of the screen and your screen will frost. Either you can use your mouse to defrost the certain area or click on the defrost button. (was available during X'mas time)
  • Search "do a barrel roll" to have roll.
  • Search "tilt" or "askew", will make your screen will tilt.
  • Search "Google gravity", click the first search result
  • Type "Red search", "Blue Search","Yellow Search", click I'm feeling lucky. It goes to the and append the Red, Blue or Yellow in the URL. For e.g.
  • You can also play Hurdle Racing, Soccer (football), Basketball, Slalom Canoe, which were launched during the London Olympics'12.
  • For more Santa fun visit Google's Santa NORAD site.
 & Instantkick favorite was (NOT available now)
  • To surprise your love ones you can send the personalized call or video to your loved ones. Check the screen shot:

Share your views or google christmas surprises, not mentioned here.

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