Blog Tools Comparison based on J2EE

All tool listed below are Java/JEE based.
  • Apache Roller 
    • Features: Apache Roller is the open source Java blog server that drove Sun Microsystem's employee blogging site in past now the US Government's, the blogs in IBM's Lotus Connecions product, the IBM Developer Works blogs, the Javalobby's 10,000 user strong JRoller Java community site and hundreds of other blogs world-wide. If you want to set up a blog server for yourself or for several thousand of your closest friends, try Roller! Roller supports all of the latest-and-greatest weblogging features such as group blogging, RSS and Atom newsfeeds, rich-text editing, customizable page templates, comments, trackbacks, referrers, blogroll management and provides Atom Publishing Protocol and XML-RPC interfaces for blogging clients.
    • Limitations: Certain License Constraints
    • License: Apache license v2.0 (
  • Pebble
    • Features: Latest Technologies like java 6.0, spring etc. And It regularly updated by the Developers. Posting and management of content through your web browser, including rich text editor support. Blogger and MetaWeblog API interface included for posting content via compatible tools. Categorisation of content into multiple hierarchical categories. Tagging of content and a generation of a tagcloud. Newsfeeds (RSS 2.0, RDF and Atom 1.0), multilingual support through i18n Support. Team, project, multi-user blogs and security.
    • Limitations: Storing Data using XMLfiles
    • License: Pebble is free, open source and licensed under a BSD license.
 Other options, which may you would like know:
  • MapleMan Tool
    • Features: MapleBlog is a simple MVC Struts 1.1-based Web log that uses Hibernate as its model layer and Tiles/JSP for its View. It is relatively simple to configure and has full basic functionality. By using Hibernate, it is able to function with a wide variety of databases. Can also easily be replaced by entity beans and EQL due to the façade used to cover all database activities. 
    • Limitations: Support is not available. This is an old project. It wont ant compile without quite a few modifications and a extremely large class path
    • License: License GNU General Public License (GPL)
  • Blojsom
    • Features: blojsom is a full-featured, multi-user, multi-blog package written in Java. blojsom aims to retain simplicity in design while adding user flexibility in areas like back-end storage, flavors, templating, themes, and plugins.
    • Limitations: Not updated regularly.
    • License: License BS
  • BlogUnity
    • Features: Community based blogging software Uncomplex easy one minute installation routine Easily deployable on any JEE compliant application- and web servers Provides support for 16 well known database-engines Offers freely configurable number of individual/communtiy blogs per user Simple but powerful editing of blog-articles using wiki-syntax Flexible theme editing separate for each blog Simple user management and blog administration via web interface I18N support Freely configurable search engine 
    • Limitations: Last updated in March 30, 2005 
    • License: License GNU General Public License (GPL)

  • Dlog4j 
    • Features: Diary/PhotoAlbum/Musicbox/BBS/Guestbook Enabled. WYSIWYG blog & comment editor Insite Point to Point message transport RSS aggregation Full WAP support Open and private blog category Mail notification when commented RDF, RSS, ATOM support International support (beta3 only support chinese) Multi database (JDBC 2.0 compatibled) support (Oracle Script Available)
    • Limitations: Last update on Oct 07 2006 
    • License: No Information available 
Conclusion: After comparing the above tools Apache Roller and Pebble provide all the features required for ever changing blogging platform. Apache Roller comes out best, it also provides the Wiki feature.

* Features addressed: Blogging, Wiki, Adminstration, Database, Java/JEE.

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