5 best free Online Storage and Backup products

Following is the list of best 5 free online storage and backup products.
  1. Amazon Cloud Drive (ACD):
    Features: Offers 5 GB of free space.
    Unlimited access from any computer. Very user friendly interface. Good to store the music, songs purchased from Amazon stored on ACD for free.
    Available on Mobiles/Computers/Browsers. Offers Amazon Cloud Player to play MP3 and DRM-free AAC files. Max file size allowed 2 GB.
    Limitation: Max connected device allowed are eight including browsers. Presently does not offer dropbox like utility to sync and upload your files to cloud. Amazon keeps the right to inspect your music and takes action if it finds something shifty.

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  2. Google Drive:
    Features: 5 GB of free space with easy installer to map your google drive to your local folder in Windows and Mac system. Available on Mobiles/Computers/Browsers. Presently, available for Android only, but soon to be available for iPAD. Integration with Google Documents, you can create documents, spreadsheet, and presentations instantly. Provides collaboration so your can share and edit the files together from any device. Apart from common features. Saves files revision history of past thirty days. So you can revert back to any moment.
    Limitation: iPhone/iPad version presently worked upon.
  3. Dropbox.com:
    Features: One of the most popular product, comes with 2 GB of free space. Available on Mobiles/Computers/Browsers. Apart from common features, Dropbox keeps a one-month history of your work. Any changes can be undone, and files can be undeleted. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and AES-256 bit encryption.
    Limitation: Does not sync files, which are opened or locked by other applications. For web interface max allowed file size is 300 MB.
  4. SpiderOak.com (SO):
    Features: Offers 2 GB of free space. 100% ‘Zero Knowledge’ data privacy policy. Unlimited Version History. Add any number of computers. De-duplication of files. Save all your historical versions. There is no file size limitation. SO client is available for Windows OS, Linux OS, Mac OS, iOS, Android, N900 Maemo.
    Limitation: It does not upload hidden application data such as Outlook files or certain browser settings automatically .
  5. SugarSync.com:
    Features: Offers 5 GB of free space. It is best if you are using multiple devices for your use, it keeps sync with multiple devices, you can select any folder to be in synced. upload/sync via email. Available for all mobile platforms.
    Limitation: Linux support is not available. SugarSync does not support scheduled back

                                              --OR --
  6. SkyDrive:
    Features: Offers 25 GB of free space. Hotmail  and MS Office App integration. You can upload/create/edit/share ms-office documents directly from web browser. Entire directory can be downloaded as a zip file. Good for storing images and documents.
    Limitation: Max allowed file size is 100 MB.

Finding one out of these is very difficult. Though, One can opt among these based on their needs and likes.

Please do share your views on above mentioned products or also let me know other products which I have not explored and worth mentioning here.
As usual, thanks for reading! Please put your comments to share your views and feedback.
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